The GHC attempts to map technologies based on pubic perceptions of them and their practical (commercial and technological) stages of development. In contrast Michael Naimark discusses the concept of First Word and Last Word as terms to describe the application  of a particular technology and subsequent, more refined applications of that same technology.

While on the one hand I am very interested in coming up with completely novel ideas and uses for technology.  Part of me (perhaps the designer part) finds satisfaction in the refinement of ideas. Taking old ideas, improving them, repurposing and re-conteztualising them.

Schulze prefers to play in the trough because technology down there is cheap. It has often been hyped and mass produced. I think that Schulze also likes to surprise the public and it is easier to surprise them if they already have low expectations of a technology.
It is hard to impress people with Virtual reality, voice recognition or cloud computing because the publics expectations of these technologies are are already high. Build something interesting or useful with RFID and we are pleasantly surprised.

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