This loop almost reminds me of one of those Rube Goldberg machines with how each thing feeds into one other. I think the movement is really successful in this loop, the bounciness really adds to the cuteness factor.


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I was really interested in this piece because of how well Dave Whyte used the negative space. I have done a bit of this but seeing his work was really inspiring for how I can use it in the future.

I was so drawn to the oddly satisfying series because anything that involves satisfying textures is my thing. These slices remind me a bit of what slices of a human body look like, it’s so cool and looks like a real-life video. Andreas’s work is by far my favorite!

rathesungod – LoopResearch


I love how fluid the cube becomes after a slight second of stillness. It creates different forms with lines to have an optical illusion pleasing to my eyes.


It’s sort of like cuteness overload in the best way. It makes me feel overwhelmed in the best way.


This gif is so clean and flawless that it makes me wonder if this was actually animated. Also the sound effects play a really big role in this.

rathesungod – Loop Reading

In Groeger’s “On Repeat: How to Use Loops to Explain Anything,” she explains the history and importance of gifs and how they’ve contributed to creating visual forms of information and art. As I was reading this article, I kind of realized how the list of different forms of gifs kept on continuing. Leading to how I realized the endless possibilities of what loops can mean and show.

Something that particularly caught my attention was this flying squirrel gif that was made from the Smithsonian Library. It really brings the original image alive and show people a little “show” for their studies.

Monday – LoopReading

I was honestly really surprised by the segment of her presentation that showed how even the plain statement “sometimes behave so strangely” (discussed at 20:00) was noticeably changed by looping. It solidified her argument for me and I still vividly remember that clip.