bumble_b – LoopReading

There were a few moments that really stuck out to me in Lena Groeger’s presentation. She explained the mere-exposure effect which says we like things we’ve been exposed to before; we find comfort in the predictability. This effect is a fundamental aspect of humans, evident as early as in our childhood development, like when we were obsessed with the same storybook and made our parents read it over and over again or how we picked up patterns to help us learn shapes, vocabulary, and everything foundational to our learning. It reminded me of how I was absolutely obsessed with Cinderella 2 and would literally watch it over and over again, back-to-back multiple times in a day.

Something else that I found so fascinating was the speech-to-melody effect seen in Diana Deutsche’s speech:

I literally have it stuck in my head as I’m writing this.

In all, I think humans are deeply fascinated with loops. On Tik Tok, any video that somehow has a loop that seamlessly connects its beginning and end makes everyone go crazy in the comments!