bookooBread – Environment

Unity Skin Environment

So I started this project, technically, at the beginning of this semester. The character you see there was created, modeled, rigged, textured (although the uv map didn’t get carried over so it didn’t work for this demo) by me for my 3D animation class. The animation you see here was done on Mixamo just for sake of time because I couldn’t get the idle animation done yet, but I did animate practically the exact same thing all myself too – you just won’t be seeing it for this demo. I had imagined an environment all along for my character, but I didn’t know if I’d be able to in time so this project was a perfect opportunity to do that. The terrain you see here I created in Maya and then brought to Substance Painter, and then to Unity. Connie and I worked on bringing in the animations I created and then scripted two third person cameras that you could switch between with the spacebar. This is definitely a work in progress for me – although I am proud of what I have so far. I hope to continue this in the future to fix the things that went wrong and keep adding on to this world!