Hmm so the initial idea was to make a “mask” that would transform me into my Warrior cat-sona of my childhood (See here if you’re unfamiliar with Warriors). The relationship of the mask and the performance is that individual features of the mask are triggered by certain motions.

There’s a lot that I wish I could have done, but couldn’t do as I realized while progressing through this project. It seems p5.js can’t load .mtl files associated with .obj models, hence the mask is colorless. It seems p5.js can’t load more than one model at a time (I think????) so the performance and implementation ended up including switching between different features. You can see from the sketch below it looks pretty different from the final result.

Overall not a favorite project since it’s not particularly polished or attractive, but I had fun haha. With more time I’d like to switch to not using p5.js and also adding ability for the mask to rotate with my head.

Initial planning: