Light Kinetics – Espadaysantacruz Studio

Light Kinetics is an installation of tungsten light bulbs that give light weight– the force of a tap on the first lightbulb will send a light down the wooden rail of light bulbs. An piezo electric sensor on the first bulb captures the force, and the physics is simulating in Unity.

Giving light weight and force is an unusual and beautiful sight. While light’s movement is too fast to see, here its movement has been slowed down across the many bulbs. That being said, while the floating wood is a lovely form, it feels a bit like a smaller prototype to a larger piece. This might be due partially to the mess of cables on the side and the hints of some sort of fishing wire to suspend the structure. On one hand, making the piece too long might cause people to punch the first bulb to try to get their light ball as far as possible, somewhat breaking the subtlety of the piece. But I do think there could be some polishing bits to making the piece feel more complete.