Eric Brockmeyer – CNC Gastronomy Update

by eric.brockmeyer @ 12:55 am 30 March 2011






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  1. Here are today’s comments:

    merangue should definitely be on your list of things to CNC. But do something other than peaks! most chefs do merangue peaks by hand. I think with the CNC you could get some more awesome forms.

    Chocolate maybe? You can definitely do icing. I think royal icing is as hard as a rock. In fact it would be easy to have different colors of icing and draw things. Maybe cupcakes with warhol esque portraits.

    Good, good, good. Fun, too.

    I recommend making an imager…. but IMHO, just patterns. I think it would be amazing and uncanny to have hyper-regular machine-generated patterns (grids, visual rhythms) in something organic like food.

    Food events (e.g. Last Supper) is a really interesting idea. Maybe you could design food that represent different events in some way – like specialized catering.

    Great questions. It would be really nice to give people something to take away, a personalized edible souvenir.

    This might be a good reference for crazy ideas:

    CT Scan + Kinect + mill + cake = a lot
    Pork chop sandwiches

    Angry Birds cake!

    Get gcode generator working & the meringue working well first. I don’t know how far you want to take this. I think your ok working with one food. Getting a CnC Mill to write/shape/make meringue stuff would be awesome.

    I don’t think you need to have a live demo — my thought for your presentation would be very, very good documentation of your process, so we can see how everything works (maybe a poster, a video, etc) and of course, the work itself. (Agree, you can do great documentation so do that)
    Food porn. (oily spindle)

    OMG I WANT MY FACE ON A CAKE! I would just arbitrarily pick a food and see how far you can push the afordances of that food based on the ingredience.

    See lasercut food by David Small, circa 1998

    I think photography will be an important part of presenting this project. Even if the food melts during the final show you have documentation. < Ja. Give us some high quality documentation including people eating them. I don't know how interested you are in the science behind it all, but I've been reading this great book about gastronomy called "On Food and Cooking" that could be inspirational. Let me know if you want to borrow it. -Max

    I am excited to see the meringue. Can people eat your project at the final show?
    generative pasta shapes! beyond bowties and macaroni. that would be hard though.

    Stacking Jello Cubes < — (or jello shots) Swirling liquids together (like a barrista and coffee?) <—

    … a sausage extruder? That just sounds wrong. You are wrong. A noodle extruder as well.
    Didn’t a guy show something like that at Dorkbot a few months ago? Some one showed his sausage at dorkbot?? (oh right, that’s what its for …) Ask golan about it.

    of course, just using meringue is already alot of work to begin with. It’s good to focus on one thing at this point.

    The proof is in the pudding :P

    I’m hungry. Deliver unto me this cake yonder.

    I agree that it would be interesting to see what you can create from something edible.

    This is reminding me of some product that was for sale when I was younger… I believe it was a custom cookie cutter. Might be cool to cut cookies (or some other food) into a variety of unique generative shapes.

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