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by Chong Han Chua @ 11:30 pm 29 March 2011

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  1. Here are the comments from today:

    very cute napkin sketch. I want chipotle. :-(

    perhaps multiplayer is still constrained to 2-3 collaborators.

    Can there be a physical interface of ANY kind? If not, you will quickly bump into the “theremin problem”. I don’t think a pure “ghost instrument” is the way to go: there’s no feedback (visual or tactile) that can guide the visitor to getting better.

    I think multiplayer would be great, but I’m not sure how to do it without the players interacting with separate instrument surfaces. It seems like it’d be good to give each person their own space to interact with the surface in, because it might make it very confusing if they have to share the instrument and they don’t know how space is partitioned (since they can’t see)

    I think it would be interesting to have the bells (or some other virtual object) hanging in midair, or otherwise immersed in the environment in a way that creates sort of a magical artificial space.

    Makes me think of that laser keyboard that Ke$ha plays sometimes. Pixie Bell$
    Without any visual feedback people would just walk around in circles going through the bells. Or wave their arms around. Not a very interesting interaction

    Cool Idea. I think you should turn it into an interactive game where certain bells light up and they have to hit it faster than their opponent without knocking over the bells in front of them. :)

    I think two people could use it in the same field. Depending on how they are tracked, the tones could change if they are working in the same space, or far apart. Changing the sound sets that the people are working with based on the relationship between the two users. Visual Feedback would be awesome.

    I like the idea. I agree that some kind of visual feedback would help, perhaps some kind of subtle glow or soft light.

    I don’t see an immediate way for many users to each understand the relevance of their location. it will be tough

    i like the idea of having tangible stuff for people to interact with. Multiplayer – it would be cool if you had this in two different rooms and you can hear the music that the other person is making. Then everyone could jam together even though they can’t see their co-jammers.

    How can this interact with users without them knowing? or could the users discover that there interaction with the tangible objects is creating sound.

    Multiplayer: Boom. Ok, you have different instruments on the screen visualized at varying depths, as if they were in a “band on a stage”. NEVERMIND You could also put some kind of an avatar so they know if they are close enough to the “instrument”.

    Comment by Dan Wilcox — 31 March 2011 @ 12:51 am

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