Looking Outwards + Ideation, Final

by Chong Han Chua @ 12:00 am 28 March 2011

A few things I’m thinking about, mainly about sound.

In the clip above, the image is dissected into each individual colours and rotated to show a distorted perspective. I think that breaking down image into individual balls and orbs might be a good idea, and then giving it some sort of physics, producing a sound as the user moves around and the balls collide with each other in a spring model.

The video here shows a dancer dancing with a virtual actor. I’m thinking of using the kinect to track a dancer’s body and producing music along with the dance. In a sense, it’s a juxtaposition of dancing to the music to generating music with dance.

The last inspiration that I had was the project where the artist tracks the movement of glass blades blown by the wind and produces sound. I’m thinking of creating a purely sound based project, creating a soundscape where users can wander into and interact with the environment. The idea is that basically the user is wading through a blade of grass and as the user pushes the grass blades around, they will collide and create a sound. It would a project purely sound based with no visuals.

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