Meg Richards – Project 4

by Meg Richards @ 7:29 pm 23 March 2011

Embarrassing Placeholder

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  1. Please create a nice screengrabbed video of this for your blog post.

    We’re looking forward to when the mesh is affecting the RGB camera image?

    Too dark to see mesh clearly, so interaction is harder for us to gauge. Perhpas scale the redning up to fill the screen more and use more contrasting mesh line colors?

    Or use a lighter line color for the mesh.

    The mesh physics look gorgeous (but hard to see, as with others). I would really be interested in seeing a side view.

    Connect the RGB texture with the mesh. You don’t need to do any pixel work. Look into creating each mesh cell as a separate texture with specific text coordinates using the original texture. This should be quite fast.

    Check Yugo Nakamura’s work:
    The Mona Lisa project is here:

    You’re thinking too hard about how to warp an image with a texture mesh. There are lots of tutorials online. All you need to do is step through the texture coordinates proportionally. In openGL the tex coords go from 0..1. See examples like (note this is Java so the tex coords are on a different scheme).

    This may seem a bit abstract, but what I think would polish the project is embed some element of curiosity into the interface … so maybe when someone is further than the max distance, there’s some sort of mesh pulse that makes the viewer do a double take … I think ideally, for the project to be perfect, the person shouldn’t be reaching out with their hand, but perhaps their nose as they lean in closer–

    NICE! kinda wish the gid wasn’t there. The white that is created when it comes together is a little distracting. I want alice in wonderland (through the looking glass) references!

    Donnie Darko!! I like the springing action. The alpha layer is excellent, but definitely water rippling effect perpetrating through the rest of the image would make it. I had almost forgotten about Donnie Darko… it does look strikingly similar! Would love to see it grid-less

    Ya, lose the grid and do a lot more intense water-action.

    Good idea and it looks like you have the math working so far.

    Comment by Golan Levin — 23 March 2011 @ 7:34 pm

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