Eric Brockmeyer – Looking Outwards 4

by eric.brockmeyer @ 10:06 pm 27 February 2011

.MGX is a company which designs and fabricates various objects, fixtures, and furnishings using 3d printers. The objects are designed using genetic algorithms and the results are stunning. An important note is that materialise and .MGX have embraced the concept of mass customization and unique design. They were early adopters of this technology and idealogy and have amazing results.

Sabin+Jones Lab Studio is a group of designers and researchers at the University of Pennsylvania. Sabin is a designer and Jones a biologist. They support each others’ research with skills in complex 3d modeling and genetic algorithms.

Subblue is a site made by physicist Tom Beddard. Tom programs exceptional visually stimulating programs and includes source code on his site when possible.

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