Eric Brockmeyer – Looking Outward 2

by eric.brockmeyer @ 10:48 pm 16 January 2011

‘Exhale Pavilion’ by Rotem and Huoang is an interactive installation in Miami Beach. The bio-luminescent ropes are inspired by algal blooms.

The installation is beautiful in it’s design and execution. The ropes are unique in a field saturated with LEDs and the colors are appropriate for an organic form and inspiration. Unfortunately the data which drives the lights is local wind data. This idea for data collection in interactive art is fairly played out.

This visualization shows facebook use throughout the world. It is similar to flight visualization data used to describe air traffic in the united states.

The blue colors are spectacular and the information highlights the use of facebook in North America Europe, Inda and South East Asia.

Bruce Munro’s ‘Light Shower‘ is not a data visualization but an art installation. It is designed to create an ambient, ethereal lighting environment in Salisbury Cathedral in the UK. This installation could easily be used as an interactive data visualization, however this seems out of place in a church. Arguably the piece is a visualization of the unknown.

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