Chong Han Chua – Looking Outwards 3

by Chong Han Chua @ 5:32 am 12 January 2011

The kinect piano is a larger than life way to play piano. The users can step on a projected keyboard on the ground and the corresponding tone will be played. The two fellas in the second half of the video demonstrated collaborative music making. This is a simplistic demo, but the idea behind it seems like so much fun. However I’m sure that the accuracy on this thing is pretty much atrocious since the user does not have any markers to rely on. It is probably very simple to mis-step, true to every sense of the word, especially finding footing between the black and white keys.

I think a large scale collaborative music space would be something interesting to explore. The challenge with music related applications is to strike a balance between creating dynamic yet pleasant music versus building something that sounds too pre-canned. I’d entertain the idea that this can support the idea of a flash mob emerging from a crowd somewhere and it would be pretty awesome. It can perhaps be derived from various user movement, especially since the Kinect can detect more that just locations, and produces a 3d vector that can be translated to various sound effects. It is my belief that music applications if done well, holds much more potential to captivate people since working with music is simply so much fun.

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