Meg Richards – Looking Outwards – 1: eCLOUD

by Meg Richards @ 6:28 pm 11 January 2011


Photo: Spencer Lowell

eCLOUD is an installation piece suspended from the ceiling of the San Jose International Airport that uses special tiles to display weather data for select cities. The tiles are opaque in their resting state but become clear when electricity is introduced; this technology is more commonly used for the window glass of variable-privacy rooms like bathrooms.

I love that this project presents mundane information in an interesting format: Even the most preoccupied travelers can feel rewarded for sparing a glance. The piece presents data in a form that is qualitative and dynamic, contributing to its attraction. The medium is not limited to decorating the ceiling, but could serve as floor tiles or wall coverings. Introducing direct human interaction by allowing people to select the cities from a station or mobile device would make the experience more engaging: A definite plus to travelers stranded for hours due to weather.

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