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RPS (visualizing my anxious brain)

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I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety, depression and OCD since I was 12.  At this point, I’ve spent enough time navigating the ringer of figuring out the right levels of medication, therapy, and self-care that I consider myself a bonafide well-adjusted …


ABSTRACT: The “environment” I’d like to visualize for the Map/Environment/Landscape/Visualization project is my own personal head space. Although this location is abstract, I personally regard it very much so as a physical space (as the term “head space” implies). This …


I’ve been finding a lot of fun work on the prosthetic knowledge tumblr lately. For this looking outward, I found a pair of projects that explore the body as a canvas (and technology as the artistic medium).

The first project, …


Twitter Bot

I enjoyed the Twitter bot element of the assignment the most. Not necessarily because of the specific bot that I produced, but because I’d never worked with node.js before and found it fairly straightforward. I followed Daniel Shiffman’s


After reviewing the readings for this week, I found that I spent the most time scrolling through the Twitter feed of @ANAGRAMATRON. This bot finds and stores tweets until it locates an anagram of that tweet, whereupon it then publishes …

Paige Pritchard

19 Jan 2016

ProPublica’s data page has been a frequent favorite of mine for hard-news related map visualizations. I think they’re doing a great job at displaying data they glean via investigative reporting techniques in ways that will help simplify the complexity of …