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Zachary Rispoli

29 Apr 2016

I’ve implanted the worm brain from earlier into five different bodies. The worm is the wind, the surface of the ocean, a teapot, the laws of physics, and time.

Zachary Rispoli

29 Apr 2016

I t-SNEed the BodyParts3D 3D models that I was working with earlier to make the Post Human Bot.

Here’s an “x-ray” I made from a t-SNE grid of bones:

And here are some renders of the bones t-SNEed to …

Zachary Rispoli

17 Feb 2016


Wick is a multipurpose creation environment that allows anyone to build a wide range of easily sharable internet games, animations and interactive doohickies – all in the browser.

You can follow the development of Wick on Github.

You can …

Zachary Rispoli

06 Feb 2016

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 3.56.24 PM

The Post Human Bot is a bot that will post an entire serialized human body piece by piece over the course of nine months.

Here are a few examples of body parts that the bot has been posting:

FJ2416.obj FJ2564.obj FJ3166.obj FJ2751.obj

All 2,300 …

Zachary Rispoli

17 Jan 2016


It turns out that the asteroids in our solar system are worth a lot of money – they’re full of rare materials that we’re going to run out of on Earth someday.

This website has a map/visualization of asteroids that …

Zachary Rispoli

15 Jan 2016

(this is not an oF project but it’s something that I plan on integrating into oF at some point)


There is much ongoing research into the simulation of relatively simple creatures. Not very different from how emulators for video games