2-02 (Drawing)

Near-Term IACD Class Logistics

  • Assignment #1 (Drawing System) is due at the beginning of class Thursday, February 11th.
  • Thursday (2/4) and Tuesday (2/9) will be work sessions. You may arrive as late as 9am.  
  • David Newbury is giving a workshop on Saturday February 6th (pending interest?)
  • Mary Flanagan lecture (Critical Play) is on Wednesday February 10th, 4:30pm in Giant Eagle.
  • There will be a work night (with dinner) on Wednesday February 10th, 6pm.
  • A $100K prize for a Robot Art Painter

Morning Warmup

  • Zach Lieberman Eyeo 2015 lecture
  • Suda the Painting Elephant
  • Ivan Sutherland, Sketchpad
  • Pablo Garcia’s Machine Drawing Drawing Machines
  • Graffiti Research Lab’s LASER Tag
  • A Moment Defined by a Point and a Line (James Clar, 2010)


Big thanks to Zach Lieberman, @samim, @pishtaq, Bryce Summers, and Sougwen Chung for their suggestions for this lesson. 

Zach Lieberman at Eyeo 2015 (watch from 7:20):

Picasso, light painting (1950s-60s)


Suda the Painting Elephant

Sketchpad (1960) by Ivan Sutherland. [Jump to 3:30]

By 1973-75, Alvy Ray Smith, Dick Shoup and others were developing SuperPaint, once pixel buffers became available.


Vera Molnar, plotter works, 1968-69


Manfred Mohr, plotter work, 1970


Videoplace (1974-1989), Myron Krueger. [Play 2:12-3:38]

Aaron (1973-1985) by Harold Cohen


Vision and Capture

L.A.S.E.R. Tag by Graffiti Research Lab (Evan Roth, Theo Watson et al., 2006)

EyeWriter by Graffiti Research Lab (2010)

IQ Font (2010) by Pierre & Damien, Stef van Campenhoudt, & Zachary Lieberman:

You Are Here (2004) by Scott Snibbe

Drawn by Zachary Lieberman (2005)

Dranimate (Ali Momeni with Zach Rispoli, 2015)

Collaborative Drawing Systems

Communimage by Johannes Gees (1999)


Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 2.39.32 AM

One Line by John Maeda (1999):

Raw entries:


Liners performance by Zachary Lieberman & Theo Watson (2007):

Lightning Series, by Cassandra C. Jones (2011):


Audiovisual Drawing Systems

Oramics Machine (1960s), “drawn sound” machine by Daphne Oram [play from 1:52]

SimTunes (a.k.a. Music Insects) by Toshio Iwai, 1996

Recreated as a CMU 15-112 term project (2014):

Sonic Wire Sculptor (Amit Pitaru, 2009)

SingingFingers (Finger Paint with Your Voice) by Eric Rosenbaum & Jay Silver, 2010:

Drawdio (Jay Silver, 2008)

Other Cultural Exponents: Games

Drawing can also be a core mechanic within games. Here’s the “Shoots” planar graph drawing game:

Euclid the Game


Dots and Boxes (Game)

Planarity (another planar graph game):


Maybe you know about the Kunabi Brothers’ Blek (2013). Yes, it looks familiar.

Physics and Simulation

(Reaction-diffusion, cellular automata, etc. etc. should be here)

Dynadraw (1989) by Paul Haeberli


Assist Sketch Understanding System and Operation, MIT, early 2000s:

Crayon Physics, 2007-2009

Line Rider poetic interactive amusement:


Other Logics

Painting with Interactive Pixels (1998) by Dag Svanaes


Doodal (2014) is a fractal/recursive drawing program by @pishtaq:

Recursive Drawing (2011) by Toby Schachman is similar.

Timepaint by John Maeda (1993)


Drawing in 3D

Rhonda Forever (2003-2010) by James Paterson & Amit Pitaru presents an intuitive interaction for drawing three-dimensional structures in a 2D display.

TEDDY: A Sketching Interface for 3D Freeform Design (1999), by Takeo Igarashi
(Also see his original As-Rigid-As-Possible Shape Manipulation) presents an ingenious algorithm for inferring 3D information from a 2D silhouette:

Haptic Sculpting (1996) by Scott Snibbe was an early investigation into 3D input devices for drawing

Sketch Furniture by Front Design. They create furniture through the algorithmic processing of human gestures recorded through motion-capture.

Mechatronic & Robotic Drawing Systems

Ghost in the Machine” by Ted Lawson. …So you don’t have to do it.


Machine Drawing Drawing Machines by Pablo Garcia, assisted by Madeline Gannon, 2013

Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus by Julius von Bismarck & Benjamin Maus (2009). In drawing, your subject matters. In meta-drawing, your meta-subject matters.

We see this in Juerg Lehni’s Viktor (2011) as well:

Long Distance Art by Alex Kiessling (2013), real-time project:

Drawing Operations by Sougwen Chung (2015):

Blind Self-Portrait by Kyle McDonald and Matt Mets (2011):

Digit by Julien Maire (2006):

Senseless Drawing Bot (2012) by So Kanno & Takahiro Yamaguchi

Frontiers: Intelligence

Reading: @Samim, Assisted Drawing: Exploring Augmented Creativity.

$1 Recognizer (with interactive demo), University of Washington; see ofxOneDollar

ShadowDraw (2011)Microsoft

How Do Humans Sketch Objects? by Mathias Eitz, James Hays & Marc Alexa.
(Video by @Samim)

Frontiers: Urbanity and Scale

GPS Drawings


Graffiti Rainbow Bike (2012) by CROMATICS

Drone Drawing on Kendall Jenner (2015) by KATSU

MOMO Tags the Width of Manhattan (2006) by MOMO

CMU Moon Arts Group (2014-)