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Andrea Gershuny: Assignment 05B


Here’s one frame from my embedded iteration. I wrote a helper function to draw each shape (an astroid) and then added a bit of randomness to generate the different greys and shades of red. If you look at it in openprocessing, you can see it “twinkling”.

Oliver – Embedded Iteration PDF – Assignment 5


I made a wallpaper design of stars, circles and triangles, sometimes overlapped and sometimes not, sometimes with borders and sometimes without. The colors change as they go across and down the screen, with a subtle amount of randomness thrown in. I was kind of going for an early 90’s/Trapper Keeper/Lisa Frank feel here.

(updated to improve on messy details)

Mirrored Sea


A sea of squares, triangles and circles will fill your screen. Enjoy the strange patterns they make.

Interact with at:

Press the mouse to refresh the screen.

Press a keyboard key & then the mouse to switch the background from white to black & vice-versa.

Oh you mirrored sea
Your waves, they’re haunting me
They’re all I see
Now let me be, you mirrored sea
Your waves, they’re haunting me
Out in the sea, leave me be

Inspired by Passion Pit’s Mirrored Sea