09a. Your Arduino Kit

Download the intro to Arduino comic from here

Your Arduino kits have been designed and provided by Ben Peoples of BirdBrain Labs, Pittsburgh’s very own travelling Arduino salesman. The kits consist of a Sparkfun Inventor’s Kit base, along with a small handful of extra goodies. The total cost will be just about exactly $100:

Sparkfun Inventor’s Kit (SIK):

Birdbrain Labs Enhancements:

  • 0.5” Diameter FSR
  • Tilt ball switch
  • Slide Potentiometer w/ leads & Knob
  • 1:120 Gearhead motor w/ 3mm D-shaft & leads
  • 2-position toggle switch (On-On) with leads
  • Hall Effect Sensor
  • Nice potentiometer
  • Big Red Button
  • (2) 12” M-F 1×6 Extensions
  • (3) 20” alligator clips
  • TIP120 5A Transistor

Teaching Kit Enhancements:

  • 3-axis Analog Accelerometer w/ headers installed
  • Sharp IR distance sensor
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