03 Mar 2015

Art e-fact is a visualization of memory artefacts that exists as a layer above other windows.

One can cause artefacts to appear/disappear/change by dragging and resizing windows, and by playing videos and loading images. There are many ways to create artefacts that I have not yet tried.

This project relates to my interest in glitch aesthetics, and an experiment I did last winter regarding screenshots of screenshots. This piece came about by accident. A version of it can be recreated in three lines of code. I am very into the technical simplicity of the project, in spite of its visual richness. In the future, I’d like to create artefact layers as shapes.

Art e-fact provides insight into the operations that go on “behind the scenes” every time the computer performs a graphical operation. Playing with Art e-fact, one might realize that computers have an alien sense of visuality from a human perspective.