15 Mar 2015

Andante — A walking tempo

This is a collaboration piano playback tool using Yamaha’s Disklavier to receive MIDI control signal, and it’s also a visualization of the currently playing notes using walking figures projected above the piano.

The intention of this project is to boost teaching and learning throughout the piano pedagogical process. Here is the video:

The artist of this work — Xiao Xiao — has made several novel applications using Yamaha Disklavier, including MirrorFugue, Perpetual Canon. Here are the videos:


In my opinion, Xiao Xiao’s series work involving Disklavier intends to help pianists have better experience when composing, performing, as well as the most important part, improvising. Her work helps musicians to create their musical work on different layers created by themselves or others, and helps them to collaborate with various people.