Professor: Golan Levin
Location: CFA-307 and CFA-317
Meeting Times (Section A): Tuesdays and Thursdays, 08:00–10:50am
Meeting Times (Section C): Tuesdays and Thursdays, 06:40–09:30pm

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A detailed syllabus is available in this PDF.
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This semester, our course will have primary projects linked to five main units:

  1. Machine Learning (due 9/13): experimentation new tools for image synthesis and recognition
  2. Creative Coding (due 10/4): an elementary introduction to programming, to create generative and interactive drawing tools
  3. Interactive Narrative (due 10/25): hypertextual interactive storytelling
  4. Digital Curation (due 11/08): exploration of data self-portraiture and Internet-based readymades
  5. Immersive World-Making (due 12/8): development of an expressive, immersive 3D environment

In addition, and on due-dates that fall around and between the dates listed above, there will also be minor assignments such as small “Looking Outwards” research reports, reading-responses, and project proposals.