For the final project I wanted to revamp my Face Super Mario controller to make it more user-friendly. (Not sure if it's there yet... but hopefully.)

Since my original inspiration was from a Youtuber who creates videos of beating classic Mario games in inane ways, I really wanted to be able to package my code as an actual program and sent it to him.

But before that, I needed to improve the user interface, so that it can be used by someone who isn't just the programmer who knows all the bugs and work arounds.

I gave the option to users to "reset" the initial position:

(The center lines indicating where the face moved.)

This allows for further recalibration in case the model didn't start of correctly, or if you want to reposition yourself. This also gives a "hard reset" to all the control incase anything is acting finicky.

I also added in options so you can choose how to move your controls!

There is now moving the body back and forth, moving the face side to side, raising the eyebrows, and opening the mouth. And smiling to sprint and or use your power up!

In addition, the user can click on the black circle on the left to recalibrate the settings (so if the maximum and minimum for something is too far off, it can be adjusted to each user's own needs).

(It was kind of difficult to manually make and place all these buttons? Processing maybe isn't the best place to do all the UI!)

In the future, I want to implement a feature where the user can manually input what they want each action to map to what keys (unlike turning something on or off) so there's even more freedom.