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  1. Interactive Art (Beginnings)
  2. Full-Body Interactive Art
  3. Extrapolating the Dynamic Human Form

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Technical Presentation(s)

Templates for Skeleton-Tracking in the Browser

Templates for Face-Tracking in the Browser

Templates for Skeleton-Tracking With Offline Video

  • p5.js with ml5.js PoseNet on pre-recorded video, template code (zipped template here).

To run this, you'll need to "run a local server". On a Mac, one way to do this is with Python. With Python3, use the terminal commands below; then open the URL,

> cd PoseNet_video 
> python -m http.server

If your machine prefers Python 2.7, use this command instead:

> cd PoseNet_video 
> python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000

(If those commands don't work, see this web page for more options.)

Other Opportunities