• We'll begin today with a fun AR exercise, #JustALine.
  • We'll view some inspirational AR projects.
  • We'll then work on our Tutorials described in the Unity Warmup assignment. These are due by the beginning of class on Wednesday, 11/6...
  • ...because on Wednesday 11/6, we will build a simple VR app for the Oculus Quest, as an in-class exercise.

Activity: #JustALine (due 11/11)

This is a lightweight mini-assignment, due Monday November 11. The purposes of this project are to (1) get you quickly familiar with the material of augmented reality on mobile phones, and (2) to give you experience in documenting augmented reality work, which can be particularly challenging, by combining screengrabbed and over-the-shoulder video streams.

Using Google's Android/IOS app#JustALine,working in pairs, develop a sketch for an interesting augmented reality experience. If you wish, you are permitted to use the DoodleLens app instead.