Oct-21 (ml5.js)

Today we are thrilled to have a guest workshop led by Joey Lee, design technologist and co-creator of ml5.js -- friendly machine learning for the web. Here are Important links:

Workshop Description

In this workshop, students will be introduced to interactive machine learning in the web browser using ml5.js -- an open source (and friendly) javascript library made by and for artists/designers/creatives. The workshop will introduce students to machine learning concepts and allow students to understand what Kyle MacDonald has aptly called, "programming using examples rather than instructions." By using both pre-trained models and custom self-trained models, students will get a feeling for the creative possibilities that machine learning in the browser has to offer. Examples will be provided to help highlight the ethical considerations of machine learning in creative practice.

About Joey Lee

Joey Lee is a design technologist and researcher based in New York. His work focuses on geography and creative technology, specifically in the context of urban climate research, environmental sensing and modeling, and data collection and mapping. He has a MSc in Geography from the University of British Columbia, and along with developing his own creative practice has held positions as a research associate at move lab, an Open Science Fellow at Mozilla, and a research engineer at MIT's Senseable City Lab. He is currently a Fellow in Residence and adjunct faculty member at New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program where he is leading development of ml5.js, a web based and open source machine learning software, and teaching courses related to web development, mapping, and personal data.

Dan Shiffman has also made Coding Train videos to help you with ml5.js: