The interface responds and embodies the economic logic of the system in which you enroll. It is a political device.

  1. Do not use any free (as in free beer) service for a while. Who does that service really serve?

2. Use your search box to make your statements instead of searching something, they will be suggested to other users. i.e. "I am fed up of google tracking me".

3. Remember that Ronald Reagan once said, when he visited Nintendo Headquarters: "We'll have soldiers in every bedroom"

An unfortunate truth of any software or service is that it becomes subject to economic services. We tend to think of open source software as a digital commons, offering "natural" infinite benefit to all users. In truth, open source software must be developed, usually in the developers spare time. If the software is being heavily developed, one must wonder the reason it is able to achieve such activity (is a company funding its development? If so, why?). There is nothing inherently malicious about free technology, but one should always consider the motives of its funding and development, or consider what is the product being sold.