For this clock assignment I thought about different formats other than regular second minute hour that humans organize time (such as a calendar). I found that the menstruation cycle was applicable to this and in the form of birth control, relevant to many women's self care routine and everyday lives. There are multiple apps out there to help women track their cycles (whether on birth control or not) and remind them to take birth control everyday. Usually these apps are displayed in a circular format. Other physical birth control packets are rectangular and structured in 4 lines for the 4 weeks of the cycle. I decided to go with this approach because it was taking from the physical world format of menstrual cycle tracking but different from any digital versions of this. I used for loops to create the configuration of rows and columns of ellipses to mimic how pills are placed, labeled the week days, and through for loops and time function was able to unhighlight the pills/days that have already gone by (also mimicking the real life/physical packed of the pill being popped out of the packet).