Final project

by xiaoyuan @ 10:03 am 19 April 2010

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AI-controlled flying, swarming attack saws killing little characters running around, making them bleed, painting the ground with blood.

500 rich people visualization – Paul
2 girls one cup – Paul

Hardware needs:
Computer, monitor, mouse
I expect the game to be playable.

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  1. Comments from crit

    ✓ Xiao: Badass Shooting Game -slash- Swarming Painting Program

    I think this could be really improved by care given to the animation of the people. They don’t really slow down as you suggest. What if you could make them limp and stagger.

    The swarming particles are a little small. I think they would show up a lot better if they were 2×2 instead of 1×1 pixels.
    I agree.. the flocking particles don’t look very dangerous yet.
    Also, the “souls” are rainbow colors? Confuses me a little bit and distracts from the blood. Try limiting your color pallette.

    “Bleed, you fuckers.” muahahahaha

    Actually…forget I said anything. I’m suddenly a bit concerned about your motivations. I’m peacing out of this discussion. -SB

    It actually looks kinda nice.

    Killer presentation.

    ummmm….LOLZ. It’s like…a morbid kindergarden paint program. Maybe you could play on that? Make different drawing tools, a pretty toolbar, etc. Maybe be able to spawn more dudes that bleed all over the place. -Amanda
    – Yeah, this reminds me of Kid Pix. That was such a fantastic program.

    ^ I like Amanda’s comment about spawning more dudes. This could help the user control the image more. Or just enjoy the violence more.

    this should be taped for the documentation. then put on vimeo or youtube and posted on the blog/his website. or at least explained again with as much enthusiasm.

    maybe sound would be coool.

    The blood against the white background is beautiful. I don’t really care for the souls as much.

    I think the color of soul can be less saturated.

    I don’t understand the painting part… can you actually control the image, or does it just happen because of the characters’ movements. Also, will there be more characters all over the screen instead of just in the center?

    Comment by golan — 20 April 2010 @ 1:26 pm

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