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Form Synthesis and Simulation … I.

Examples of current practice, merging computational design with digital fabrication:

Code tools for rapid prototyping and digital fabrication.

> For Processing. The following Processing libraries are available for 3D File input, output, and manipulation. All of the listings below are duplicated from the main Processing Libraries page, which also lists many additional toolsets:

  • PDF Export and DXF Export
    These libraries are now included as part of the Processing core.
  • Toxiclibs (Toxi)
    OBJ and STL exporters (in toxi.geom and volumeutils)
    See also > the Toxiclibs showreel.
  • unlekkerLib (Marius Watz)
    Code for STL import and export
  • supercad (Guillaume Labelle)
    Lets you export geometry to many 3D formats such as AutoCAD, Rhino, or SketchUP.
  • fluid forms libs (Stephen Williams)
    Exports STL, Raw, Velocity formats; loads OBJ and STL.
  • ObjImport (Victor Martins)
    Imports .obj files and supports groups, material references, vertex-, normal-, and texture-coordinates.
  • OBJ Loader (Tatsuya Saito and Polymonkey)
    Loads .OBJ files into Processing, includes geometry and texture data.
  • SurfaceLib (Andreas Köberle and Christian Riekoff)
    An easy way to create different 3D surfaces. Contains a library of surfaces and a class to extend.
  • UnwrappingLib (Martin Fuchs)
    Unwrap low polygon models for reconstruction and digital production.

> For OpenFrameworks. The following OpenFrameworks addons allow for the loading and saving of 2D and 3D geometry. Both are a part of the core OF “FAT” download. More information is available at the OpenFrameworks addon page and contributed addons page:

  • ofxVectorGraphics (Theo Watson)
    A wrapper to CreEPS which provides easy to use postscript output.
  • ofx3dModelLoader (Theo Watson)
    Makes it possible to load and display 3ds models in openframeworks.

> For Adobe Flash.

  • PurePDF is a brand-new PDF export library for AS3.
  • AlivePDF is an open-source library which appears to allow run-time PDF export via Actionscript; there’s an example here.

> For Max/MSP/Jitter. Exporting 3D files from Max/MSP/Jitter is less common, but there appears to have been some discussion about this here; evidently someone has made Max-compatible Javascript code which can export OBJ files from a Jitter matrix.

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