Project 4

by golan @ 3:56 pm 10 January 2010

Self-Directed Capstone Project. Critiques on April 19 & 21.

You are asked to create a final project on a topic of your own interest, according to the following schedule:

  • Wednesday, March 3. This is the due date for the previous assignment, Project 3. From this point through April 19, the course is entirely devoted to the production of your Capstone Project, providing nearly 7 weeks of development time.
  • Monday, March 15. Create a “Looking Outwards” entry which is specifically dedicated to your topic of interest. Try to identify two or three relevant precursor projects.
  • Wednesday, March 17, 6pm. Hard deadline for applications for the six $500 Fine Production Grants. If you need money to create your project, consider applying. Proposals are due by email to Professor Jim Duesing.
  • Monday, March 22. Create a proposal and development plan for your Capstone Project. You will be asked to present your plan in a 10-minute presentation.
  • Monday, March 29. Present a sketch/prototype of your project.
  • Monday, April 5. Present a working prototype of your project, including a demonstration of your solution to the project’s core technical problem.
  • April 19-21. Capstone Projects will be presented and critiqued in two class sessions.
  • Early May (TBD). Capstone Projects will be displayed in a public presentation.

Capstone Projects may explore any topic related to computational design and/or interactive art. It is permissible to create a revised version of a previous project if your project is significantly re-worked.

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