Project 2

by golan @ 4:32 pm 5 January 2010

Simulation and/or Morphosynthesis. Critique on February 15th.
Software makes possible the simulation, rather than mere representation, of the principles which animate the natural world around us. In this project you will model an organic system by developing an interplay of simulated forces.

For this project you are asked to create a system which generates form and/or behavior, algorithmically, and preferably through some form of simulation. For example, you might elect to:

  • create new life — such as an interactive and sensate creature, a dynamic flock or swarm, an artificial cell-culture, a novel plant, an intelligent interlocutor, etc.
  • create a form or a form-system — such as a tool for generating variations of graphic designs, buildings, cars, jewelry, etc.
  • implement an algorithm for simulating natural form or behavior, such as reaction-diffusion, cellular automata, texture synthesis, etc.

Please give some consideration to the potential your software can have to operate as a cultural artifact. Can it somehow attain special relevance by generating things which address a real human need or interest? Can your generative algorithm and its results form a wry commentary?

Details about this Project’s deadlines and deliverables:

  • Monday, February 1: Looking Outwards for Synthesis, Simulation & Visual Morphogenesis. Identify one or two related projects which you admire. They don’t have to be related to what you want to do.
  • Monday, February 8: Project 2 Sketch due, AND, a Freestyle Looking Outwards. Have, ready to show, a sketch (or perhaps even a working prototype) of your project. Blog posts at this midway point are encouraged but not required. We’ll workshop the class in small groups on Monday.
  • Monday, February 15. Project 2 Due.

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