by golan @ 9:38 pm 4 January 2010

Schedule of Assignments and Lectures

Date Assignment Session Topic
M. January 11 No Assignment
Course Overview;
Processing, OpenFrameworks
W. January 13 Project 0 Due + Looking Outwards
Information Visualization
M. January 18 Looking Outwards: Visualization Audiovisual Software
W. January 20 Project 1 Sketch Due Project 1 Sketch Review
M. January 25 Looking Outwards: Freestyle Golan away; special session
W. January 27 Project 1 Due Critique: Visualization
M. February 1 Looking Outwards: Simulation Visual Morphogenesis
W. February 3 No assignment Digital Fabrication
M. February 8 Looking Outwards: Freestyle;
Project 2 Sketch Due
Interactive Typography;
Project 2 Sketch Review
W. February 10 No assignment MAX/MSP/Jitter
M. February 15 Project 2 Due
Critique: Simulation
W. February 17 No assignment Gesture Machines, Video Mirrors
M. February 22 Looking Outwards: Augmentation Image Processing & Vision
W. February 24 Project 3 Sketch Due Augmented Reality;
Project 3 Sketch Review
M. March 1 Looking Outwards: Freestyle Topic TBD / work session
W. March 3 Project 3 Due Critique: Augmentation
M. March 8 No assignment Spring Break (No session)
W. March 10 No assignment Spring Break (No session)
M. March 15 Looking Outwards: Capstone Topic Class Discussion
W. March 17 No assignment Golan away; special session
M. March 22 Capstone Proposal Due Proposal Presentations.
W. March 24 No assignment Refinement Charette
M. March 29 Capstone Sketch Due Capstone Sketch Review
W. March 31 No assignment Topic TBD / work session
M. April 5 Capstone Prototype Due Capstone Prototype Review
W. April 7 No assignment Topic TBD / work session
M. April 12 No assignment Topic TBD / work session
W. April 14 No assignment Topic TBD / work session
M. April 19 Final Project Due
Capstone Critique (I)
W. April 21 Final Project Due Capstone Critique (II)
M. April 26 No Assignment Topic TBD.
W. April 28 No Assignment Topic TBD.

ADDITIONALLY, please note the following special days in Spring 2010. Your attendance at these special outside events is strongly encouraged. Event locations and times can be found in the Google calendar on the course website front page.

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