by teecher @ 12:20 am 11 March 2010

Welcome to the 2nd half of the Spring semester!
Here’s an overview of our remaining dates and deadlines:

Lectures & Special Events:
Please attend these lectures if possible!  Various departments around CMU are bringing some really exceptional people to campus.

  • March 16 (Tue) 5:00pm, Rashid Aud. | Amy Franceschini, Artist/Designer, Futurefarmers
  • March 18 (Thu) 6:00pm, STUDIO in CFA-111 | Erkki Huhtamo,  Media Archaeologist, UCLA
  • March 19 (Fri) 8:30, STUDIO in CFA-111 | Machinima Film Festival and Game Night
  • March 23 (Tue), 5:00pm, McConomy | David Familian, Curator, Beall Center
  • March 24 (Wed), 4:00pm, NSH-1305 | Alex Pentland, Researcher, MIT Media Laboratory
  • March 29 (Mon): 6:30pm, Carnegie Museum Of Art Theater | Ben Aranda, Computational Architect, Aranda/Lasch

Due dates for class, and other opportunities:

  • March 15 (today): “Looking Outwards” pertaining to your proposed Capstone Project.
    Please select and document one or two projects that form a partial background for your current research. Today we’ll also look at any overdue assignments 1/2/3.
  • March 17 (Wed), 6:00pm, Proposals for Fine Production Grants due to Prof. Jim Duesing.
    Also: Deadline for Prix Ars Electronica submissions (enter your projects!)
  • March 22 (Mon): Capstone Proposal Due (we’ll have your proposal presentations in class).
    Also: Deadline for Pittsburgh’s DATA Awards submissions (enter your projects!),
  • March 29 (Mon): Capstone Sketch Due (we’ll review your sketches in class).
  • April 5 (Mon): Capstone Prototype Due (we’ll have a capstone prototype review in class).
  • April 19 (Mon): Final Project Due (Capstone Critique I in class).
  • April 21 (Wed): Final Project Due (Capstone Critique II in class).
  • TBD: Final Project exhibition (hey, let’s choose a date today)

Class Notes for March 15.

Some important tools:

If you haven’t already, you owe it to yourself to check out Karsten Schmidt (Toxi)’s ToxicLibs and Dan Shiffman’s PBox2D (+link) libraries for Processing. These tools have significantly boosted peoples’ abilities to make interesting stuff over the past year. Box2d libraries also exist for OpenFrameworks.

Things to See: Architecture +  Projections
Studies in augmented architecture:

Things to See: Augmented Reality Experiments

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