[Looking-Outwards capstone]printing:what and how?

by Cheng @ 12:53 pm 14 March 2010

We set the theme down to interactive fabrication. What material are we using and how is it spilled/dropped/extruded to form a shape is yet unknown.

A few interesting/informative projects I found when looking around:

Henrik Menne‘s machines that makes art

Additive 3D output
Subtractive 3D output

Summarizing some extrusion methods i’ve seen
Pressing gel out of injector: Fab@home
make sells them for $20
I wander how often you have to refill the injector, and , wouldn’t that cause discontinuity in the output?

heat barrel and nozzel
reprap example

spiral extrusion
for wire shaped material

and feeding system

an updated version:
for grains

wax is commercially available in bricks, grains, or columns(candle), so we have to design around that.

In terms what participants get out of the interaction, if we use wax, we could
1. pile wax up on a piece of baking paper and -tada- a piece of sculpture to take home
2. somehow add wick to it and make a candle?
3. print wax on a piece of cloth and dye it into table cloth?
4. use the wax model to make some more permanent piece?

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  1. Also see:

    The project “SCUMAK” by Roxy Paine, a sculpture system which generates large blobby sculptures: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:RoxyPaineScumak_wiki.jpg

    The project “Cloaca” by Wim Delvoye, a machine which generates realistic feces:

    Comment by golan — 15 March 2010 @ 1:17 am

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