Project 1 – visualization

by rcameron @ 3:28 am 27 January 2010

Download OSX Executable (~1MB)

The setup is you click your location and based on data pulled from Kayak, Bezier curves are drawn to possible destinations. The weight of the lines represents how cheap or expensive the ticket is. Thicker = cheaper.

On the back end, I wrote a Ruby script that polled for flights between the cities shown on the map. Since Kayak only allows 1,000 hits/day, I had to limit it in some way. That constraint led to only looking for flights for the next weekend.

My biggest disappointment was not getting the Bezier curves to animate in Processing. On top of that, the current city choices are pretty limited.

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  1. Hi Rich – here are the Piratepad notes from the crit.

    Nice presentation style: good introduction, motivation explained well, etc. 
    Dude, you can sell this! 
    This needs some serious design attention – but – this roxxx.

    Haha, I keep cutting people off–sorry!  I like your data idea!  And it’s extremely useful.  I think I may use your project instead of travelocity when I need to find places to travel.  Very nice!  One thing though–maybe include some filters, like, maximum price or time windows mayhaps? 🙂 Yeah, snipe a map from someplace else (no offense to your tracing skills, mine are probably worse than yours xP)  -Amanda

    the idea is so cool. how were cities chosen…

    Yay Ruby. MAX Yep. obv.

    Nice Design, useful. Wher is africa and south america?

    i want this info vis to be available to me always

    Simple idea yet it works so well!

    You should send this to Kayak so they can pay you for it. -MH

    It also helps answer a common question of “Gee, you know, flying to is cheaper than you think ‘these days'”. In that sense, this data has some pop culture value. -SB

    Comment by placebo — 1 February 2010 @ 4:54 am

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