Project 1: Contrast

by jedmund @ 8:05 am 27 January 2010

Contrast is a tool that compares tagged images from Flickr across different days. The user can define all information. The ultimate goal was to allow the user to clearly see the difference in color between the two dates entered. I haven’t quite made it there yet, but even through the visual “map” created from the small thumbnails, you can begin to see how the colors on these two days might differ.

At first I wanted to make a highly interactive piece in Processing, but in the end I’m a lot more proficient with PHP. Making it in PHP meant I’d run into a lot less problems, and ultimately, I’d have a lot more to show. Regardless, speed is still a real issue (that stems from the generation of color palettes of each image), so that’s something I hope to work on in the next few days. I’d also like to port it to Processing as time allows to get some really nice interactions that PHP doesn’t allow.

I’ll post more as I update it!
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  1. Hi Justin – here are the PiratePad comments from the critique:

    I like the colors. Nice job.

    The images are very captivating. Cool idea. You put a lot of information into that grid of photos… (day taken, color pallet, etc.) I want to play with this.

    I like the logo. Blending CMYK is always pretty.

    Very pretty– I like how you have your own website for your project.  I like how you’re looking at your data over time.  Maybe have a color pallet for all the pictures for a certain tag on a specific day.  I like how your data is all live too!  Very cool. 🙂  I agree with the comment below, I think you should explain somewhere how you generate your pallet.  I like your idea of having each person have their own color pallet bar…cute play on bar codes. -Amanda

    Are you computing the color palettes yourself? How? (by what method)
    How do you select 40 photos for a certain day, given the thousands of photos that are uploaded per day (even those with the same tag)?
    Reminded of a few projects:
    10×10 by Jonathan Harris
    Squircles by Simon King
    Flickr Image Blending
    Flickr Average Faces (from Hot or Not) 

    Is the default to show the dates one year apart? I wonder what the value of that is because especially with nature pictures I expect that the colors would be generally the same, because of the time of year.

    I don’t know if the color palette is interesting over time periods. The content of the photos vs time is probably more interesting

    Are you selecting the 40 most recent, or the 40 most relevant, or the 40 more interesting?
    -Agree, would like to see this sorted by 40 most interesting, or most viewed.

    I think you should be consistent as to which date comes before and which comes after.-Jon
    Also, would it be possible to display more than two? A whole range across several months/years might be interesting.
    Also, can you talk more about what you did in the past few weeks vs. before that?
    Very clean design, classy.

    Vivid color, simple yet classy design, I loved it.

    To deal with the range bug, why not just grab all photos after one date, all photos before the other date, and delete all that aren’t in both sets? Depends on how narrow your range is and how large the result set is, I suppose. -SB

    Comment by placebo — 28 January 2010 @ 10:02 am

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