by xiaoyuan @ 2:39 am 26 January 2010

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  1. Hi Xiao, here are the group’s comments from the PiratePad:

    Patrick: there are specific formats for the nutrition contents label. Too bad you lost it.

    Golan: It’s L-shaped overall — perhaps not the best use of space.
    Would be interesting if the ingredients re-sorted themselves based on the current fruit.
    Some picture of these numbers (pie chart?) would help visualize the extent to which a serving of a given fruit satisfied one’s daily nutritional needs.

    What *are* all these things? Why are they in my fruit? Some metadata on the nutritional info would be useful. I also wonder how much of this stuff changes depending on method of preparation. -SB

    Seems a little counterintuitive to me to have the fruit with the most of something on the right instead of the left. I keep looking for the biggest fruit on the left.

    The orientation of the project is a little…weird. Maybe have the cross-sections of the fruit placed vertically next to the list of Nutrition Facts? Also, maybe instead of using only circles actually use the shapes of the fruits? Really interesting data though–I can see how nutritionists would be interested in an interactive program like this one. Maybe consider using a graph, so you could have labels on the fruit cross-sections (although the mouseover definitely helps 🙂 ). Oooh, yeah. I like the wheel idea (see below). Good stuff. -Amanda

    Instead of placing them in a line, it might be better to have a wheel, or multiple lines that easily fit on a page. -Jon

    It would be interesting if you could… Golan is saying it. He said it.Hehe!what did he sayI think he meant the L-shaped thing.

    Would have been nice scaled up a little. feels very small. lots of unused whitespace. pretty much the whole area is used for just the name of the fruit

    also couldve been cool if you could make comparisons between fruits by holding one fruit to compare against and selecting the nutrition value, and seeing how they differ for each

    I kind of want the fruits to bounce. Hell yeah.
    They should bounce based on their nutritional value somehow. Maybe clicking ‘magnesium’ will have the most magnesium rich fruits bounce highest.

    It is really helpful for choosing what fruit to eat based on nutrition need, adding DV of each nutrition and percentage in each fruit can be helpful.

    The illustrations are cute.

    I cant tell what im supposed to click

    Did you take serving sizes into consideration? I’m wondering whether the avocado wins on everything just because it is bigger than most other fruits. (he said it is just serving size, not size of fruit)

    In the big spot in the upper right that you arent using, you should put the big fruit circle and then make it into a pie chart with the ingredients.
    The vitamins at the bottom are interesting. I found information that was already very valuable to me.

    “People are people and fruit are fruit.” Truth. -Some people are fruits ;-P Some are even nuts

    Like the graphics. Maybe you could arrange the fruits vertically to eliminate some of the unused space…also, it might be helpful to switch between vitamins on mouseover.

    Comment by placebo — 2 February 2010 @ 2:06 am

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