Jon Miller – Looking Outwards 3 – How to sew an electronic circuit

by Jon Miller @ 4:30 am 26 January 2010

textile electronic circuit

This is not so much a looking into a finished project as it is looking at possibly a different medium. In posting this, my hope is that someone may find it interesting enough to incorporate into a future project.

I feel there has been a trend towards making things more “organic” – somehow capturing lifelike essence with technology. Textiles have the property of being flexible and contain a certain physical randomness to them due to the infinite “joints” among the fibers, an area where electronics and mechanical devices often fail.
Given the previous two assertions, I think there is an opportunity to explore electronic textiles as a medium in order to give more “lifelikeness” or “organicity” to what currently appear to be clever simulations. For example, perhaps a mechanical dog would take on more life if it were covered in a loose “skin.” This skin would hide its hard surfaces and machined joints much like real skin covers real bones. Then, while perhaps not looking more similar to a real dog, it may still take on a more organic appearance, the effects of which might be cute or creepy, but at least hopefully interesting.
Without experimentation I am unwilling to make any further conjectures, but I think this could be a possible future area for computer art, especially if the piece involves physical movement.

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