Looking Outwards – Fleshmaps

by Cheng @ 2:23 am 18 January 2010

Fleshmaps: listen ( Fernanda ViƩgas and Martin Wattenberg) counts how frequent body parts appear in lyrics and show images of the body parts sized to its popularity, grouped by genre. Hip Hop, obviously, gets the biggest hip. Most genres have big eyes, followed by hand.

A interesting way to “view” music and genre, I found it amusing at a glance. Here are three things I would like to change, if I redo the work.

1. Change the soft, pale, sleepy pink color in the visualization to something more energetic.

2. Add interactivity. When viewer clicks on one body part, show random sample lyrics instead of numbers accurate to 0.01%.

3. Change visual presentation. Instead of cloud and array of circular images, build a real body with proportioned parts.



  1. Hi Cheng,
    It’s good practice to mention the artist/designer/creator/researcher whose project you’re describing. An image would be helpful, too!

    Comment by golan — 18 January 2010 @ 2:44 am
  2. “Hip Hop, obviously, gets the biggest hip” haha… nice euphemism.

    Comment by Karl DD — 18 January 2010 @ 7:29 am

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