fatik – LookingOutwards06

 Memo Akten is “an Artist working with computation as a medium, exploring collisions between nature, science, technology, ethics, ritual, tradition and religion. Doing PhD at Goldsmiths UoL in artificial intelligence / machine learning and expressive human-machine interaction, exploring collaborative co-creativity between humans and machines.”

It’s amazing to read about the intention of specific projects that artist make using computational tools. For example, Memo’s Waves is a piece made in response to the tragic Paris Killings and Syria Bombings. He is exploring the back and forth cycle of violence. The visuals are simulated waves crashing into each other. He talks about the tension and balance; calming yet terrifying; graceful yet violent aspects about ocean waves.

It’s wild to see that he also has work relating to light, sound, interactivity, and commercial work. I love seeing all of these artists who are not constrained to one type of work but this exploration of medium and purpose.