#10 (Due 4/13)

Complete (and/or bring to a presentable state) the augmented reality project you began two weeks ago. Regardless of its state of completion, you will be expected to present it in a critique on the morning of Friday, April 13. (You may continue this project for a final-final presentation on April 27, — or you may develop a new project for that date.)

Document your work as follows (the requests below shouldn’t surprise you):

  • Create a blog post. Title it nickname-ARProject, and give it the WordPress category, 10-ARProject.
  • Write 100-150 words describing your project: what is the concept, how it operates, what challenges you overcame to create it. Discuss its flaws and strengths, in your opinion, and how you (might) plan to develop it further.
  • Don’t forget to thank people who helped you, such as your Buddy.
  • Embed a video that documents your project. It is best to include both direct screen-recording video as well as over-the-shoulder video. You can embed your video in YouTube or Vimeo, or you may upload modestly-sized videos directly to this WordPress site.
  • Embed some still images (screenshots) of your project.
  • If you have some paper sketches, include them, too.  (You can just use your phone to ‘scan’ them.)
  • If it’s reasonable to do so, embed an animated GIF of your project. (It’s the most durable form of video documentation. Too bad it’s silent.)



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