#07 (Due 3/23)

For the remainder of the semester, we will be developing interactive AR & VR environments in Unity3D. To prepare for this, you are asked to complete the following before class on Friday 3/23:

  • a set of introductory Unity3D tutorials, per below, and
  • a Looking Outwards (#07) about Augmented Reality (or Virtual Reality).

More information is below.

Looking Outwards #07, on AR (or VR)

Identify an AR project you find interesting. (I have a mild preference that you write about an AR project, but VR projects are also acceptable.) Write a Looking Outwards blog post about the project, being sure to include a screenshot and (if available) an embedded video of the project. As a reminder, criteria for Looking Outwards posts can be found here. Categorize your blog post with the WordPress Category, LookingOutwards07, and give your blog post the title, nickname-lookingoutwards07.

Unity3D Tutorials!

You’re going to learn Unity; —that’s all there is to say. There’s zero creativity required for this assignment, but you must put in the hours to learn the tools. To prove that you’re doing the work, you are asked to document your effort with screenshots, in blog posts. Got it?

After downloading and installing Unity to your laptop, you will complete the following two tutorials:

  1. At Lynda.com: Craig Barr’s Unity 3d Essentials Training 
    You will need to log in to Lynda This is a 15-part tutorial. In a blog post, I want to see 15 screenshots, one for each part of the tutorial. Title your blog post, nickname-UnityEssentials, and give it the WordPress Category, 07-UnityEssentials. Optionally, feel free to write any thoughts or observations you’ve had about the learning experience — chiefly, as reminders or notes to yourself about key things you’ve learned.
  2. At Unity3d.com: Learning Scripting in Unity3D.
    Most of you should select the set of lessons entitled “Beginner Gameplay Scripting”, but if you already have some Unity experience, then perhaps “Intermediate Gameplay Scripting” may be a better fit. If you are already an experienced Unity developer (and a few of you are), then select one or two tutorials that address something you’d like to understand better. There are hundreds to choose from. Take screenshots; title your blog post, nickname-Unity2, and give it the WordPress Category, 07-Unity2.


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