#09 (Due 4/6)

This deliverable is due April 6. 

1. Identify a Buddy.

For the next two weeks you will work with a “Buddy”. Your Buddy might be your collaborator on a joint project, OR, you and your Buddy might work on two separate projects. At a minimum, you and your Buddy will agree to help each other: You’ll give each other honest feedback on your ideas; you’ll assist each other in documenting your projects; you’ll share a work-table together when possible, so that you can help each other get un-stuck from modest technical problems; and you’ll likely share an AR device. More important than artistic or technical skills, your Buddy should be someone you feel you can rely on, and whose schedule is compatible with yours.

2. A Sketch/Concept for an AR Game or Experience

Devise a concept for a game, creativity tool, handy utility, life improvement, public intervention, artistic augmentation, or other experience manifest in AR. If you wish, your application can be designed for a specific place.

This assignment is literally for a concept sketch. In other words: a (probably hand-drawn) design for a concept that you’ve thought through. Add some more sketches (such as a storyboard). Work with your Buddy on refining your idea. Find other ways of mocking up your idea (using cardboard boxes, Photoshop, video rotoscoping, etc.). If you find the JustALine app helpful, use it to help prototype the idea (but you don’t have to). Part of the purpose of this part of the assignment is to help communicate your idea to others (in order to get feedback), and part of the purpose of this is to test your idea through sketching. Compile your sketches, some descriptive text, and some reflection about the idea (and its challenges) into a blog post.

Title your blog post nickname-ARConcept and categorize your blog post 09-ARConcept. Please include some images, descriptive text, and/or other media that convey your idea. If the project is collaborative, it’s only necessary to make one blog post; your collaborator can just link to your page.

3. A Solution to a Technical Problem

This assignment is about jumping a tech hurdle. No art. 

Just because you can make a sketch of a time machine, doesn’t mean you (or anyone) could actually build the damn thing. For this part of the assignment, you are to solve one or more key technical challenges you’ve identified for your sketch. Help your Buddy with their technical problem, too.

  • Make a blog post that describes the problem you set out to solve; and
  • Document (with screenshots and text) how you got the thing working.
  • Title your blog post, nickname-ARTech, and categorize it 09-ARTech.
  • If your Buddy helped, give them due credit.
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