Jan 19

From Zach Lieberman
—Zach Lieberman

Scheduled activities for Friday, January 19.

Morning Session

  • Roll call and introductions — 15 minutes
  • Syllabus review (key points only) — 30 minutes maximum 
  • Why this class?
    • Coping with with the bimodal classroom is very challenging.
      Some students have studied programming in CS contexts. But then they say: “I know how to program, but I don’t know how to use programming to make art or design”.
    • How do you get better at something? The answer is simple: practice. And what is practice? It is playing your scales, again and again, often with errors. This class is designed to give you the “butt in seat time” you need to develop good craft.
    • We need an early programming course which allows you to use code in ways which are improvisatory rather than planned, concrete rather than abstract, expressive rather than utilitarian.
  • Review of Semester calendar: units and deliverables
    1. Intersections
    2. Graphic Loop
    3. Clock
    4. Generative Plot (Asemic Writing / Page from Elsewhere)
    5. Speech Game (ChatBot)
    6. Body Data Visualization (Decorated Skeleton)
    7. Mechatronic Automaton
    8. Augmented Reality
    9. Capstone

What this course is not going to cover:

  • Unity & conventional VR workflows
  • Physical computing
  • Machine learning

Computational icebreaker activities

Afternoon Session

Other Logistics & Information

  • Thanks to DeepLocal, course sponsors
  • Thursday evening work sessions
  • Missing mornings vs. afternoons
  • Our CreativeApplications login
  • CLOUDS documentary
  • Keys to the STUDIO
  • Please don’t leave your things, especially laptops.
    The STUDIO is a safe place but we can’t be responsible.
  • Eyeo volunteering
  • FRFAF grants