fatik – LookingOutwards04

Quayola identifies himself as a visual artist, but the variety of his work says much more than simply a ‘visual artist’. I love his concepts and theme of using old renaissance paintings as inspiration and using high tech as well as low tech methods of execution. I personally love his series and ongoing research of Iconographies.

Iconographies focuses on the analysis of “analysis of renaissance and baroque paintings via computational methods. Religious and mythological scenes are transformed into complex digital formations. By removing iconographic narratives, the paintings lose their original context to become new objects of contemplation.”

I love the contrast of old, analog thinking with high tech making. I think a lot of his work is for further contemplation and alternative ways of perceiving which is really interesting. I enjoy how his work ranges from print, to sculpture, to installation, and many other mediums to express his concept.

Link to his website: https://www.quayola.com/