dechoes – LookingOutwards3

Light Barrier Third Edition by Kimchi and Chips

This project by Kimchi and Chips represents a long term clock, a cycle, that of life. Although this piece does not have any interactive or real-time processing qualities, it is meant to mimic life cycles in a visible time span (6 min). Light Barrier Third Edition echoes feelings of birth, aging and death with the means of lighting design.

The piece was made out of hundreds of concave mirrors, as well as 8 projectors. Each mirror and its backing structure were computationally generated to create a group that collaborates to form the single image in the air. The artists then calibrated each of the 16,000,000 pixels individually, which causes light beams to be merged in the haze, producing the ability to draw in the air. 40 channels of audio were then used to build a sound field to enhance the viewers experience.

I was unfortunately not able to upload a gif as the owners of the video blocked access to it.