I chose Rachel Binx to look at because she had worked for NASA and that seemed pretty cool, but that was a while ago and she’s moved on to different things since then. Those things are still pretty cool, though. The work that reeled me in was her visualizations of viral Facebook posts. They weren’t very readable without an explanation but watching them was still mesmerizing. The structures formed have a lot of energy while exploding every which way, and have a very organic form to them. I also think the data she chose to base this project off of was funny: 3 of George Takei’s Facebook posts. I see people sharing his posts all the time so I totally believe the explosive virality shown in the time lapse video, but at the same time, I’ve always wondered why George Takei is so active on social media. I get that he’s big into social activism and all that, but he posts a lot of memes for an old man. I’ve read that he has a lot of other people posting for him sometimes, but I still find the whole thing odd. Unfortunately, all the links to the original posts are broken now.

All in all, these visualizations don’t really resolve any confusion about George Takei’s social media activity, but they’re beautifully done and fascinating to watch.

LLAP Mr. Sulu


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