Restroom Genderator by  & 

This Twitter-bot is a unique take on the conversation of gender equality, gender fluidity and gender identity that is taking over the political and social spectrum for last few years now. This bot generates and pairs random words to create unique, unheard of genders and pairs them with a symbol and a Braille translation. The result is formatted to look like a bathroom sign that you would hang in a corridor or bathroom door. The background colors, genders, symbols and braille are all generated randomly.

I personally love the completeness and absurdity of the project. In terms of completeness, I respect a project that goes to round out all the edges to an idea, so in this case he did not just generate genders, but a fully constructed sign with all the required parts to it. And the results look clean and good looking, all of them.

The absurdness comes from the sometimes non-existent link to human behavior or appearance (such as “minerals” in the gender name), the often un-relatable symbols to human form (ordinarily you see a generic man or woman stick figure, not an alien symbol), and the last of which is the fact that, in the end, this bot is sort of segregating genders even more. Instead of promoting a single bathroom for all to use, it is generating an infinite amount of segregated bathrooms, one for each gender. I believe whether you are for or against gender equality in bathrooms, Restroom Genderator is an enjoyable piece for all to enjoy and remark about.

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