Description: Ever wanted to summon Satan? Well, this is kind of the closest you can get on the market.




Process shots: 














Concept art regarding the initial idea. I made a few digital sketches as well.

An in progress model shot, before animation but after rigging.

Vuforia screengrab of my debugging.

empty scene example

The initial setup I had to test my homography graphics setup.

About this Project:

Because I haven’t seen a technology that allows you to summon demons (yet), I’ve created that demon-raising tech to fill in that niche. It combines AR image target technology,  perspective correction, Google text recognition, and some 3D animation magic to bring Satan from hell. All you need to do is to draw a magic circle on the ground, put the proper symbols down, and call upon him!

This was a uniquely challenging project in the sense that the largest problem was finding the proper method of doing what was needed. I could have executed this project in many different ways, so choosing what was best for the project was hard. In addition, I had to quickly sift through new technology that I didn’t quite understand. For instance, importing 3D models from extraneous programs, or even implementing completely new libraries were topics that were pretty new to me in the context of Unity. I think it all went well, given the very loose nature of the project’s conception, but I’d like to be much more ambitious next time.


Many thanks to the following people, who helped immensely in the creation and success of this project.

  • conye, who helped me refine my ideas
  • kerjos, who assisted me in my technical difficulties
  • Prof. Golan Levin, who provided me with the resources I needed to make this work and also for teaching this wonderful class